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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We figured you might have some questions, so we made this page.

What is Kava?

Piper methysticum, literally meaning “intoxicating pepper”, is a plant belonging to the pepper family. Native to the South Pacific, kava was and still is a great healing, social and spiritual beverage used throughout much of the Pacific Basin from Fiji and Vanuatu to Hawaii for thousands of years. The active ingredients in kava are called “kavalactones”. There are six major kavalactones, each of which are required to produce the kava effect.

How will kava affect me?

Initially, your mouth may feel a little numb from drinking the kava. This is brought on by certain kavalectones. The physical effects may make you feel relaxed with lowered anxiety while promoting sociability.

What is reverse tolerance?

Defined by the kava community as the “break in” period where the new kava consumer may not feel any effects at all from kava. It is theorized that for some people a certain level of kavalactone buildup in the body must be present before one begins to feel the full effects from kava. The range of time it may take to overcome the reverse tolerance ranges per individual, from weeks to up to a month and a half. Some individuals feel the effects immediately.
Reverse tolerance also applies to the principal that the more often you drink kava, the less kava you need to achieve the effect.

Can I drink alcohol with kava?

Absolutely NO alcohol consumption for 12-24 hours before or after consuming kava. The liver uses the same enzyme to break down kava as it does alcohol. When taken simultaneously, the pathways of the particular enzyme can become stressed and toxic liver damage may be more likely to occur.

How does food affect the experience? Should I drink kava on an empty stomach?

We recommend you do not drink kava on a completely empty stomach. I may upset your belly. A light meal would be fine before drinking kava.

Is Kava addictive?

No. Kava is found to be non-habit forming. It has been shown to have no withdrawal effects whatsoever.

Will it impair my functioning?

Due to kava’s unique pharmacological profile, it does not impair mental functioning despite its relaxing properties. However, if you have to question your ability to operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after drinking kava we always suggest you err on the side of caution and refrain from doing such.

Can anyone drink kava?

Kava is not recommended for people who are pregnant, have liver disease, or who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. It may also interfere with MAO inhibiting drugs so one must consult a physician before drinking kava while on any prescription medications.